At the beginning of the year CIMA Estudio commissioned a mural to artist Carmín Gortez for one of the walls of our open-air terrace, she herself took care of both the original design and the execution of the piece.

Through initiatives like this one, whether they are commissions or collaborations, we seek to establish links with creators of different disciplines as well as encourage local artistic production.

If you want to see more of Carmín’s work look for her Instagram profile as @carmingortez and @carm.ink for her tattoo projects.



In November, Guyphytsy Aldalai and Miguel Mesa worked at CIMA Estudio on the research and development of their proposal named RONDAS-ESPANTO:

“Rounds are a fundamental part of traditions and cultures,  from games to rites, to ceremonies and dances. The manifestations of circular movement constitute degrees of being in time.

Through this project we seek to explore the aesthetic and politic potency of turning as a group without depending on a particular worldview or belief “. G & M

Within the framework of the residence an open session was held in order to explore the power of the rounds to be executed by a large group of people.



During October we received Yanina Orellana who worked on her project entitled Ante mi Cadaver an interactive piece that included the development of a digital Altar and a live dance-theater performance. At the residency closing event we also count with the participation of Este Perro Rumbo Collective with a dance piece about the Day of the Dead adapted for the occasion.

“Using digital platforms as a reflection of the human condition, the project interprets the cult of death through social networks to find ancient traces of ourselves: of essences that have perished.” Yanina 

As part of her personal research, Yanina also offered three Contemporary-Somatic dance classes for the general public.