CIMA Productions

As part of our creative work, the artistic commissions are always welcome with enthusiasm, although they pose certain challenges and confrontations, they also mean a perfect pretext to let flight our imagination and creativity as well as to undertake projects that otherwise would not exist or would not come to an end.

This is how we allow ourselves to offer our interdisciplinary services mainly focused on the performing arts and the use of new technologies. Specifically, we can perform work in small and medium scale in the following areas:

  • Light, sound and audiovisual design for performing arts shows
  • Dance assembly or movement performance with technological elements
  • Original music score for dance, theatre, performance and short films
  • Costume and set design
  • Video mapping show
  • Audiovisual show 
  • Interactive installations with sound, light or visuals
  • Kinetic sculptures
  • Light sculptures
  • Sound art installation
  • Video art, experimental and dance short films
  • Photo and video recording with drone
  • Production for shows and artistic events 
  • Advising and consulting 

among others…

The price of each production will depend on its complexity, estimated working time, the cost of materials, its duration (if applicable) and the number of additional people required for its realization.

To commission an artwork, send us an email with your contact information, the type of work you are interested in, the space for which it is required (if applicable), preferably with measures and photographs of the location and your deadlines, once we receive this information we will send you our counterproposal and our costs in a period of five to seven days.

For more information and requests: