CIMA Estudio is an art space dedicated to transdisciplinary productions  and the use of technological media for artistic purposes, as well as to the research and training of movement techniques and contemporary dance, it is co directed by Natalia Vázquez and Luciano Rodríguez.

The Aurelio Ortega building, where CIMA Estudio is located, was conceived and developed by the firm Vázquez & Ochoa Arquitectos, its construction was completed in 2017 and subsequently received a distinction in Architectural Design by the College of Architects of Jalisco in the 2018. On the other hand, CIMA Estudio project was supported by the program “Proyecta Industrias Creativas” by the Ministry  of Culture of Jalisco in 2017.

Mobility classes and movement workshops are currently held at the studio and are open to the general public.