Experimental action that involves three women as generators of sound through their movements, breaths, groans, sighs and rubs as well as hundreds of empty eggshells that break and spread as the piece progresses.
The performance comes from ideas, metaphors and questions about birth, femininity and its dualities, unity and synchrony, life cycles, destruction and death, transformation and life, with the figure of The Egg as its central axis, in addition to being a sound generator it is also presented as the plastic and aesthetic element that characterizes the proposal.
This project arises from an interdisciplinary collaboration between artists Natalia Vázquez (dancer), Kiyo Gutiérrez (performer) and Ana Karen Sahagún (actress), as well as the participation of Luciano Rodríguez (musician and digital artist).


Direction: Natalia Vázquez / Co creation: Ana Karen Sahagún, Kiyo Gutiérrez and Natalia Vázquez / Audio Direction: Luciano Rodríguez / Audio Assistant: Jorge Vargas / Production assistants: Ana Sofía Guillén and Citlalli Iztaccenteotl / Advertising photographs: Rodrigo Vázquez Guerrero / Photographic record: Pistor Orendáin / Video record: Andrés Padilla / Production: CIMA Estudio