MOBILITY – Monday and Wednesday from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m.
Aimed to the general public but with a special focus on people who due to their daily activities, bad posture, injuries, health problems, chronic pain or because of the pass of years, have lost mobility and strength and suffer from tension, pain or discomfort when performing basic actions of human motor skills.

The classes involve elements and principles of different disciplines and movement techniques, such as Qigong, Tai-chi, Feldenkrais method, functional training, dance and natural movement, among others, seeking to promote through personal exploration as well as games and full attention dynamics, the activation of the central nervous system and proprioception. Most of the exercises can be performed at home and some of them at workspaces, in this way, the practice does not remain only at the studio and practitioners will be able to observe deeper changes in their daily life.

The sessions include coordination sequences, couple and group activities and objects manipulation, all of them with the purpose of modifying inefficient patterns and executing our basic actions in a better way and  painless. 

$800 MXN monthly for two weekly classes
$450 MXN monthly for one weekly class
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Imparted by Natalia Vázquez Ochoa 
Multidisciplinary artist, producer, instructor and dancer, graduated from the Professional School of Dance of Mazatlan. Her professional training includes classes and workshops in Mexico, Europe, United States, India and Canada, in different dance techniques and movement methods. She has directed and worked in different projects such as choreographies, dance videos, photo shoots, installations and performances as well as collaborated with performing and visual artist, musicians, photographers and videographers.